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Ba-Shar is a cross-bred dog; it is a cross between the Bassett hound and the Shar-pei.

As such, Ba-shar is not a pure breed, and hence, its characteristics are typically a combination of traits of both the parents. Ba-Shar dogs are 10 to 13 inches in height, and weigh approximately between 45 and 55 pounds. The life expectancy of this dog breed is 8 to 10 years. In terms of shape, Ba-shar has a large skull and a long body.

It has short legs and wiggly hips, and often resembles a Dachshund. They have flappy and long ears, and their tail is long and curled on one end.

The ba-shar breed of dogs is easy to domesticate, albeit they are difficult to train. As such, people who keep ba-shar dogs as pets as well as ba-shar breeders must start training their dogs at an early stage. Moreover, ba-shar dogs are a laid-back breed, and they do not enjoy canine sports like weight pulling.

Hence, while they may guard the house as well as its owner, it would prefer to just relax and sleep all day.

Ba-shar dogs also have a tendency to chase things, like its toys and other animals. As such, it can be fun to have this breed around. Kids would love to have ba-shar puppies to play with. Ba-shar dogs, being a lazy breed by nature, can be kept in apartments, but having a kennel in your courtyard would be comfortable for you as well as the pet. In all, ba-shar is a great family dog. However, while it enjoys attention, it may get fussy if ignored.

Ba-shar is also easy to maintain. A bi-weekly wash would keep the animal hygienic and clean. It does not have much fur, and hence, problems like shedding of hair are uncommon. Further, while the dog is not energetic, it does enjoy a brisk walk, and so you should take him/her out on walk every day so that it gets some exercise. Ba-shar dogs also enjoy the company of other dogs, so it can be allowed to roam freely in dog parks, etc.

Those who would like to keep ba-shar dogs as pets should know that ba-shar dogs are susceptible to ear infections. Since it has flappy ears, it may have ear problems like accumulation of sebum and moisture in the ear, leading to clogging and tremendous pain. This may make the dogs irritable and cranky. As such, frequent cleaning of the ear is a must. In case of pain, over the counter medicines may be used after consultation with your vet.

If you have ba-shar puppies for sale, you should contact your nearest kennel club. Also, if you need more information on ba-shar dogs, you can browse the Internet or contact your veterinary centers.


  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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