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Estonian Hound

Estonian Hound Dog Breed, Puppies, Temperament, Nature and Information

The Estonian Hound dog breed is known to have a muscular and strong body with well developed muscles and a strong and sturdy bone structure.

Estonian Hound puppies are also known to have drop ears and tight skin without any folds. The Estonian Hound information on the coat of this breed states that this breed of dogs is known to have a shiny, even, short and rough coat which is usually weakly developed.

The tail of the Estonian Hound is found to be covered with thick hair for its entire length and hence may appear to be thick. The eyes of the Estonian Hound dog breed are mostly dark brown in color with dark coloring at the corners of their eyelids.

The Estonian Hound dog breed temperament is such that it is always found to be pleasant and happy. This breed of dogs is extremely smart, calm and balanced and is also very active.

Estonian Hound puppies should be exposed to new people and new situations at an early age itself as this will get them sufficiently socialised and will not be timid when it comes to handling new situations and surroundings as well as control their tendency to get aggressive . The Estonian Hound thrives on human attention and hence tend to get lonely and depressed if they are left alone without any company for a very long period of time. On account of their affectionate nature many Estonian Hound dog owners state that they love snuggling up with their owners when they are sleeping or even watching TV. The bark of the Estonian Hound is known to very beautiful and is usually considered to be a joy to any hunter’s ears while hunting. While adopting an Estonian Hound, one should keep in mind that this breed of dogs if given a sufficient amount of exercise then it tends to be less restless when indoors. However, it is always recommendable to adopt an Estonian Hound only if one has at least an average yard size. One should be very careful while walking the Estonian Hound dog on a busy road or around cars as this breed being a hunting dog tends to get difficult to control on a leash if they pick up a unique scent that is interesting o them.  Grooming of the Estonian Hound is minimal as they are considered to be average shedders and have to be bathed only when really necessary.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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