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The Billy dog can be described as a rather large breed of dogs that have originated from France.

In spite of the fact that these dogs are fairly large, the Billy dog breed is regarded as one of the most elegant breeds of French dogs. They have excellent hunting instincts and quick reflexes, which make them the ideal small-game hunting dogs. However, they can also hunt large game in packs, where, through their loud and melodious calls, they allow the hunter to know where exactly the quarry is.

They have a very sharp sense of smell, which enhances their hunting abilities. Many pet experts state that the Billy dog is the descendant of the small Swiss Hound and the King’s White Dog families.

Billy Dog Breed, Size, Puppies, Health, Pets and Price

The Billy dog is tall and large in stature, which is probably why these dogs have a lot of stamina and are very hard working.

Even though they are quite strong and well built, they are quite light in weight. Their coats are generally short, thin, glossy and stiff and these dogs can be found in different shades of either white or light tan. They generally have a square muzzle and a well developed nose; their ears are relatively high and of medium size. They also have a high back, which is slightly arched. Prospective dog owners should give a lot of consideration before taking on Billy pets. This is mainly because these dogs, especially the Billy puppies need to be protected from the cold weather. In case the Billy dog is exposed to severe cold, it can develop bronchitis problems.

The Billy dog breed make great hunting dogs, mainly due to the fact that they are very fast, courageous and intelligent too. If Billy puppies are provided the right dog training, from a young age, they can make excellent pets for families with children too. In fact Billy pets are good for children, because of the sociable and brave nature. However, these dogs require high levels of activity and exercise, which is why they should never be kept in confined space. In fact, the Billy dog breed is believed to be the happiest, when allowed to run outdoors. Therefore, city or apartment life is not suitable for Billy pets.

The price of a Billy dog is dependant on several factors and therefore may vary. It is best to get adequate information about additional dog care as well as the overall health of the Billy dog breed, before deciding to take on one as a pet.

  Submitted on March 8, 2011  

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