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Cesky terrier

Cesky terriers dog breed, health, temperament and grooming cesky terrier puppies

A Czech dog, the Cesky Terriers are small dogs belonging to the terrier family.

They originated in Czechoslovakia because of which they get their name.

This breed was created in 1948 when a Czech breeder crossed a Sealyham terrier with a Scottish terrier. This dog was originally bred for hunting in the Bohemian forests. The interesting thing is that the dog was bred by a man who wasn't even a scientist. The Cesky terrier was formally recognized in 1963 and is considered to be one of the rarest breeds of dogs all over the world.

The Cesky terrier has very short legs and the body is longer compared to its legs. The breed resembles both its ancestors a lot.

The terrier has a solid build with a long head and a bushy beard. The coat is wavy but silky and it comes in different colors.

Some of the most common colors are blue gray, tan, grey, light brown, white, and sometimes slightly yellow. Cesky terrier puppies are completely black when they are born but they continue to lighten as they grow up and get their mature adult coat by the time they are two years old.

In most terriers, the fur is stripped by pulling it out with hands or a special knife. However, in the Cesky terrier, the coat is clipped. Both the tail and the body hair are clipped and the hair that hangs under the body is left as it is. The eyebrows, beard and mustache are also left untouched. Since its coat is usually long, it should be brushed and groomed everyday.

The dog is hardly ever aggressive and aggression is considered a terrible fault. It is supposed to be a calm and quiet dog, and is meant to be less active than others. These qualities often make them less preferred by families with children.

The dog is sporty and playful when played with but usually has a calm temperament and is not very excitable as small dogs usually are. The temperament is otherwise kind and sweet. The dog is also very kind, patient and is known to be brave. Since the Cesky terrier is calm and patient, training it is much easier than many of the other terriers. Cesky terriers, when properly socialized, are more agreeable to other animals.

Though the breed is usually healthy, it may occasionally be prone to developing a disease called Scotty Cramp which, though not dangerous or painful, might cause the dog to move in a clumsy and awkward manner.

  Submitted on October 13, 2009  

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