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Peruvian inca orchid

About Peruvian inca orchid dog and peruvian inca orchid puppies

Overview: It is believed that the Peruvian Inca Orchid dog originated during the Inca Empire in Peru.

Appearance: These dogs are completely hairless and some of them might have a crop of short hair on their heads, tips of the tail or on their feet. These dogs can be mottled, copper, elephant grey, or chocolate brown. These dogs vary in size.

Smaller dogs are about 25-40 cm and weight four to eight kg, medium dogs are 40-50 cm and weight eight to twelve kg, and large dogs are 50-65 cm and weigh twelve to twenty-five kg. Peruvian Inca Orchid dogs are slim in appearance and have a calm expression on their faces.

Temperament: Peruvian Inca Orchid puppies and dogs are affectionate with their family members but are suspicious of strangers.

They have a friendly, alert, and lively temperament, and are protective of their family. These dogs are fast and agile. Remember that Peruvian Inca Orchid dogs do not like to be left alone, though if you train them, then it may not be a cause for concern. These dogs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. If you are a novice dog owner, then this breed may not be advisable for you for the first time.

Maintenance: Since these dogs have less hair, they are quite clean, which makes bathing them easier, and they have very a lot less problems with parasites or fleas. You need to wash the dog with a sponge to remove the dirt and to keep the pores unclogged. You can use a baby cleaner without any lanolin. Also remember that some of the dogs might have blackheads. Their skin tends to get dry at times, and you may need to apply a moisturizing cream. You might want to apply some sort of baby lotion, after you clean your dog. If your dog id light in colour, then you may need to apply sunscreen lotion to prevent your pet from getting sunburn.

Since these dogs do not have any hair, they can feel very cold during the winters. Try covering your dog with a blanket. Do pay attention to the ears of your dog as their ears are sensitive, and become cracked and dry.

Miscellaneous facts: It is believed that the genes in these dogs that cause hairlessness can lead to them having fewer teeth. Some of these dogs do not have premolars and molars, while others might have more dentition.

  Submitted on October 20, 2009  

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