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Irish wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound:

Considered to be one of the largest and tallest breeds of dogs in the world, these dogs have been termed as the gentle giants.

The Irish wolfhound dog has a lot of dignity in its stride which gives it a somewhat regal and stately appearance. Apart from this, they harbor a very gentle disposition and are very amiable animals, always happy to please their masters. Although these dogs require quite a bit of attention and space, they make excellent pets.

Irish wolfhound puppies being very playful and active serve as great companions for children. Additionally Irish wolfhound training is easy as these dogs are very smart and possess a high degree of intelligence. Irish Wolfhounds are quite independent by nature, and as puppies they can be rather destructive.

Thus on account of this reason, it is generally suggested that people who have had prior experience with dogs, should go in for this particular breed.

Irish Wolfhounds do require a reasonable amount of regular exercise, however please bear in mind that too much of strenuous physical activity, during the growing stages of their life is not recommended. Daily walks, or a run on the beach or park will suffice for older dogs. Irish Wolfhounds are sociable, friendly and easy going dogs. They get along well with children, but it is important to execute caution when it comes to smaller children, on account of the large size of this dog. Being rather sociable in nature they tend to get on well with strangers as well as other animals. Thus having other pets in the house should not be a problem. Irish Wolfhounds lack a suspicious and aggressive nature and hence they may not be your quintessential watchdogs, but their size alone makes them quite intimidating.

Due their gentle disposition, early socialization is crucial in order to improve their sociability and confidence. Being a very loving and affectionate breed, Irish Wolfhounds make great family pets for those that have both the time as well the space required to look after a big dogs. Irish Wolfhounds are large dogs and the female of the breed grows to be about 34 inches in height while the male may grow to be 36 inches in height. When it comes to weight, the female will weigh around 125 pounds while the male will generally weigh around 155 pounds. This breed has a rough, harsh coat that may be gray, fawn, red, white, black or brindle in color.

  Submitted on November 25, 2009  

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