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The Biewer is a rare breed of a toy dog.

This breed is seldom found outside Germany – the country the Biewer originated from. The Biewer is also known as the Biewer Yorkie or the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. This dog was first imported into the United States of America in 2003. Biewer breeders are working towards the Biewer breed being recognized in the United States of America.

The American Biewer Club was formed in 2003 for the Biewer and Biewer rescue.  Given below is some basic information about the Biewer dog.

Information on Biewer Dog, Puppies, Size and Temperament

The Biewer is a long haired terrier. The hair of this dog hangs evenly and straight down the side of its body. The hair is present from the base of the skull to the end of the dog’s tail.

The hair on this dog has a fine silky texture and has no undercoat. The Biewer can be found in the following colors – black, without brown coloring, blue white broken or rather white or absolute blue. These are the colors on the trunk of the dog. The hair on the breast of the dog is pure white, as is the belly, legs and the tip of the tail. The head of this dog is usually symmetrically colored with white, blue and gold. The height of this dog is 8 ½ inches and it weighs about 7 pounds.

Temperament wise, this dog is affectionate with its master. It is oblivious to its small size and is always ready for an adventure! This Biewer dog is known to be loyal, clever, brave and highly energetic. This dog breed is recommended more for older children. Keep in mind that this dog is a loyal and good friend to all he considers part of his family. The Biewer breed is fun loving, even tempered and confident. It is not a noisy dog and not difficult in any particular way. It is an excellent watch dog. It is an easy dog to train, provided the owners set proper boundaries for it. This dog has a sensitive stomach and should be given a good diet with only a few treats. The Biewer is a fairly active dog and needs to be taken for a walk daily. The dog should be given a bath every two or three weeks. The coat should be combed with a wire comb, once a week.

Keep this in mind before you decide to purchase any Biewer puppies.
  Submitted on September 13, 2011  

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