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Affenpoo Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders and Information

The Affenpoo is a great mixed breed dog that is formed by crossing a poodle with an Affenpinscher.

These are often considered designer breeds if both the parents of the dog are purebreds. These small dogs, though very expensive, have a great temperament and therefore make for great pets. These dogs are extremely popular because of their small stature and great affable nature.

Since the Affenpoo puppies are produced by crossing a poodle with an Affenpinscher, the characteristics of the resulting puppies are almost always completely dependent on the parents’ traits.

Affenpoo breeders may selectively breed in certain traits to improve the overall characteristics of the breed. The toy poodle is a very shy and timid kind of dog and certain bloodlines of this dog would create rather shy and timid Affenpoos. Similarly, specific characteristics of an Affenpinscher can also be bred in into the dogs.

Though they are very small, the Affenpoo dog breed can be used as watchdogs. These dogs are very smart and extremely trainable.

They are also very entertaining as pets. They are lively and enjoy being in the company of their human family. They can be trained to perform tricks and even work as guard dogs.

Since they are themselves very small, they do not need a large room to stay healthy. They do well in small spaces and therefore, are ideal for flats and apartments in the urban landscape. They are very protective of their own things such as their food and their toys. They are very sociable and therefore, enjoy being with other pets as well as children. Though Affenpoos love being with children, they are rather short-tempered when being teased. If you have young children at home, make sure that your children know about how to treat the dog because the Affenpoo dog may bite or snap at the child.

The personality of the Affenpoo is a lot like a terrier. They stay busy doing something or the other and stay very active. They can also be very fearless and bold. They are a relatively quiet breed and do not bark out a lot. They are curious and may rampage through your home when left alone, but they do not cause any damage to your things. They also do not bark a lot and do not back out even if they are attacked by large dogs.

More Affenpoo information can be found with the American Kennel Club.

  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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