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The Afador is a rare dog that is not a pure bred.

This dog is a cross breed between a Labrador retriever and an Afghan hound. Just like most of the other cross-bred dogs, the Afador has been created to have the characteristics of both of these dogs. The dog is usually of a medium built and an average height. It has the distinct characteristics of both the Labrador and the Afghan hound.

The long and smooth coat of the dog is very fine and the hair on the face is very short.

There are many different shades of colors in which this dog is available. The most popular of them is black, red, white, beige, and shades of grey. Though the Afador is available in many parts of the country, it originated in Alaska.

This is a very independent dog, and if trained in the right manner, it can be a great watchdog as well. Afador puppies are intelligent right from their birth. They are extremely alert and very proud. Since they are very proud, it may be a little difficult getting them completely trained.

Afador dogs are a little difficult to train as they can be quite willful. However, if you train the puppy early in its life, it is much more trainable. Therefore, it is best to ensure that you train the dog as soon as you get it, or it can become very difficult to manage. As a companion dog, the Afador dog is great. It is very playful and full of energy. It runs very fast and also enjoys a lot of playful activities.

As a guard dog, the Afador remains outdoors and are very alert. Their bark is very loud, and therefore despite their medium size, they can be rather intimidating. They are great at keeping both strangers and intruders at bay, and though they are not especially suspicious of strangers, they are not quite fond of them either. So if you want to train the dog as a housedog, you may have to spend some time with the dog to keep it from jumping at strangers and scaring them off.

This dog breed is good with older children, but is too excitable to be around younger ones. Afador dog breeders tend to add more traits of the Labrador to make the dog better as a house dog. The exact Afador info is usually available with the breeders. Due to its high maintenance and low trainability, the Afador pet is not for everyone.
  Submitted on September 5, 2011  

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