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Puli dog

Puli dog breed - Grooming information for puli dog and puli puppies

Puli Dogs are smaller versions of a much larger breed of dog known as Komondor.

Originally from Hungary, these animals have a long history of serving as sheepdogs and will very often work alongside a Komondor. The roles were split between the two animals where the Puli would raise an alarm if any wolves or bears threatened the safety of the livestock at night, while the Komondor would provide the defense.
The Puli dog will usually come in coats with solid colors, predominantly in black.

Some of the other colors include white, gray, or cream. Most of the cream coated dogs will also come with prominent black masks. The hair is long and flowing and would appear to be dreadlocked.

In adult dogs, the cords that stretch out from the coat may even touch the ground. Under this lush and hairy exterior, these animals are fairly muscular.  The tail will curl and rest on the back of the dog while the high level of flexibility of the dog allows it to turn on a dime, even when running at a high speed. The undercoat provides significant protection for the animal because of its waterproof features.
Puli grooming can be quite a tedious task considering the girth of its coat. The corded strands of the coat generally start to form around the age of 6 months, just after the soft undercoat is allowed to mingle with the harsh outer coat. Unless regularly brushed, the coat will seem to clump together and may need to be separated by hand. If the process is carried out regularly, the entire grooming can be significantly short, but if it is performed after a significant amount of time, the clumps could be rather hard to separate or break down. While the dog gives very little trouble during a bath, the drying of the coat can be a much lengthier process. One of the main advantages of this breed of dogs is the fact that the animal does not shed its fur, reducing the burden that the owner must bear with regards to constant vacuuming of the house.
Puli dogs will normally give birth to anywhere between 3 to 7 puli puppies that, like almost any other breed of dog will look extremely adorable as newborns. The Puli's have a very lively, cheerful as well as loyal temperament and make extremely good family pets. They are also very good around children and their high levels of intelligence make them rather easy to train.

  Submitted on October 28, 2009  

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