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Bavarian Mountain Hound

Bavarian Mountain Hound - Information on the Dog Breed, Puppies, Breeders, Temperament and Rescue

The Bavarian mountain hound is a hunting breed of dog which is originally from Germany.

These dogs falls under the category of scent hounds and are mostly owned by game wardens and foresters to track wounded animals. A Bavarian Mountain Hound dog is a cross between the purebred Hanover Hound and the Bavarian Hound.

Bavarian Mountain Hound Puppies, Breeders, Temperament and Rescue

Bavarian Mountain Hounds are generally 17-21 inches in height and weigh around 45-55 pounds. The females are generally smaller compared to the males as in the case of most dog breeds.

These dogs have a strong elongated head with a slightly domed and broad skull. The bridge of their nose is also slightly curved and they have a broad muzzle with strong solid jaws. They have mid length ears which are high set and usually hang down the sides of their head.

The Bavarian Mountain Hound breed of dogs has a slightly longer body as compared to their height and is raised at the rump. Their coat is thick, short and shiny and relatively easy to maintain. This dog breed usually has a brindle or black masked fawn colored coat. Bavarian Mountain Hound puppies are extremely playful and energetic and grow up to be energetic and alert hunting dogs who can work tirelessly for prolonged periods.  

Even though Bavarian Mountain Hounds are hunting dogs they have a good temperament and are extremely loyal to their owners. They can also be trained easily and since they love to please their owners, dog training becomes relatively easier. They tend to be reserved with strangers but adapt well with family members, kids and other family pets provided they have been socialized early.

Before purchasing puppies it is always better to research various Bavarian Hound Breeders so that you can pick a genuine breeder who can give you healthy and good quality puppies. Finding Bavarian Hound puppies for sale is not a difficult task and these puppies are priced depending on the quality of the parenting breeds and also the sex of the puppies. A female puppy is generally priced lower than a male puppy which is again common in most dog breeds. Genuine animal lovers can also consider adopting puppies from Bavarian Mountain Hound rescue centers and other humane societies where these puppies are available. However, it is important to remember that these dogs are not ideal for city living and belong in open spaces where they can get regular exercise.

  Submitted on October 24, 2011  

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