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Chinchilla as Pet | Chinchillas Health Care, Vaccination Tips

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Chinchilla as Pet

Chinchilla’s can make great pets even though a lot of people may not think so. They are known to be very capable of getting attached and bonding well with their owners. They also can show great affection for their owner or even for entire families. What makes a difference to a chinchilla being a good pet is the way in which it has been raised, the kind of attention it would have got when it was young and also when they are growing.

When a chinchilla is born it needs to be handled by human’s right from the start so that they learn the art of socializing with humans. The human contact or touch is required for the chinchilla to grow up to be loving and affectionate. Normally when breeders tend to breed chinchilla’s they restrict the number so that they have enough time to socialize and handle these chinchillas one on one. This is even essential for those who are show breeders.

The problem with a pet chinchilla arises when they are store bought. Normally the store bought chinchillas tend to not be as sociable as the stores do not have the man power to keep socializing with the chinchillas, hence when opting to buy a chinchilla it is advisable to buy one straight from a breeder. Here the owner will have a better chance of getting a chinchilla that will socialize better. There are various reasons why people like owning chinchillas; these include the fact that chinchillas require no vaccines on a regular basis. Also because chinchillas have soft and thick fur they do not ever get fleas. Chinchillas are also less likely to fall ill as compared to other pets hence they lessen the time an owner needs to spend with the vets. Chinchillas are also natural comedians and hence make great companions. The most important point to make a not of with regards to chinchilla care is finding out who can treat a chinchilla if it falls ill. Since they are rare animals most vets may not be able to care for a chin. Chinchilla health care also requires giving the chinchilla enough space in its cage for it to move around. It should preferably have some place to sleep along with some wooden shelves. They should also be kept away from the light. Chinchillas are nocturnal animals and like to play and have fun at night.