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Large Breed Puppy Food | Best Large Breed Puppies Diet, Foods

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Large Breed Puppy Food

Dog owners typically try to provide the best possible nutrition and medical care  to their puppy and nowadays it’s possible to have the right kind of nutrition for ones dog on account of the variety of dog foods available. Most large breed puppies should be ideally fed specialized large breed puppy dog food thrice day till the puppy is almost three months old. Some large breeds of dogs may appear to be fairly big and grown up physically even after they complete eight weeks of age however their stomachs are not big enough to handle the huge meals. While feeding ones dog’s large breed puppy dog food it is always advisable to keep the dog food bowl on the ground and not to elevate it. Many people mistakenly believe that raising the digs food bowl is known to prevent dog bloat however it has been found that dogs are in fact even more likely to gulp air while eating from elevated bowls and this is a serious risk factor for bloat.

Dog food should ideally be fed in stainless steel bowls as they are the most sanitary and are also the easiest to clean. While choosing the best large breed puppy dog food one should pay special attention to the calcium levels mentioned on the package as research has shown that for large breed puppies to have a safe growth rate they should be fed dog food that is low in calcium. One should in fact try and feed ones large breed puppy dog food that does not have more than 1.2 percent of calcium in it. Similarly a common misconception that large breed dog owners have is that such breed puppies need to be fed food that is low in proteins , however puppies actually need a lot of protein for optimal levels of growth and hence dog owners should not falsely believe that high protein diets would cause joint and bone problems in growing puppies. In order to meet the protein requirement of the large dog breed one may also add some turkey or ground beef to the dog’s regular food. One should remember that while deciding which dog food to purchase for the puppy one should always choose puppy food because adult dog food is specifically designed to meet the nutritional requirements of the adult dog and it may also be possible that the puppy may get extra calcium from adult dog food which is undesirable.