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Dog Nausea Home Remedies | Dog Nausea Causes, Medicines

Dog Nausea Home Remedies
Dogs are known to suffer from nausea and vomiting as they tend to explore the world around them mostly with their mouths and noses. In fact what may smell awful to us may actually smell very delicious to them.  There are some of the typical things that a dog may eat and [...]

Cat Diarrhea Home Remedies | Feline Diarrhea Home Treatments

Cat Diarrhea Home Remedies
Healthy cats usually do not suffer from diarrhea. If a cat is suffering from diarrhea is most probably due to a digestive problem i.e. if there is something in the cat’s food or water that has upset the cat’s stomach. Cat diarrhea home remedies include the following:

If the cat is unwell keep [...]

Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infection | Canine Ear Care, Treatments

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedy
Dog ears are found to be very prone to all kinds of infections especially bacterial ear infections. This is primarily so due to the shape of the dog’s ear canal. Due to this particular shape it has it allows for parasites, moisture, and even all kinds of debris to get collected [...]

Cat Mange Home Remedy, Treatment | Notoedric, Otodectic Mange in Cats

Cat Mange Remedies
Mange is a skin disease that affects domestic pets. Mange is caused by parasites in the animal’s skin. The type of parasite that is found in the skin may defer from case to case but the classification remains as a mange infection. Parasites that cause mange are found in the hair, the open [...]