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Cat diarrhea causes

What Causes Diarrhea in Cats:

Cat diarrhea is a rather common problem facing cats and in some cases you might find that it simply clears up on its own.

This is much like in the case of diarrhea in humans, which tends to disappear after a few days. Thus, the causes for this problem in cats are usually not something that owners should worry excessively about. However, there are certain times when serious disorders could be behind feline diarrhea.

In the case of cat diarrhea the cause could be attributable to a number of things, just like diarrhea in humans. In a large number of cases cat diarrhea can be attributable to dietary problems. It could be something as simple as a change in your cat’s diet or the possibility of intestinal irritation.

In such cases, your cat’s diarrhea symptoms should not take too long to go away and usually clear up in about 24 hours itself. Another leading cause of diarrhea in cats would be disease. It could be a case of some sort of infection thanks to a parasite that your cat has picked up or due to bacteria. In other cases, it could signal a bigger feline problem such as liver disease.

Remember that feline chronic diarrhea can also be a problem so you should take your cat to the vet in case he or she has frequent bouts of diarrhea. For these reasons it is important to provide care and correct nourishment for your cat in order to enable him or her to feel better quickly. Symptoms of diarrhea are similar to those experienced by us and might also include vomiting along with mucus-like substances which may be found in feces.

Humans take yogurt for infections and digestive problems and this is one food that you will find safe to mix with your cat’s meals. This can help your cat fight bacterial infections and it can also help the feline’s digestion. It might be a good idea to take your cat which is experiencing diarrhea symptoms to your local veterinarian in order to get a quicker diagnosis and treatment plan. This becomes important if you find that your cat’s diarrhea symptoms still have not abated or gone after about 48 hours. He or she might recommend water and little or no food for the cat. Also remember that kittens are not as strong or healthy as fully grown cats so diarrhea in kittens is best attended to by a vet right away.

  Submitted on December 11, 2009  

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