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Cat skin rash

Cat Skin Rashes

Cat skin rashes can be of many types in just the same way as with us humans.

A rash is basically an irritated spot of skin that is actually the result of a toxin antigen coming into contact with the immune system antibodies in a chemical reaction to cause the rash. Therefore, a rash is fundamentally, your immune system reacting via inflammation to a toxin on the skin. These toxins can be of many types like chemicals and protein casings of parasites and microbes.

A cat with skin rash of either variety will try to lick and scratch the area because of the extreme irritation that it feels. Closer examination might reveal the lack of hair in specific part of the fur and an obviously inflamed spot. This is usually the case in a cat with allergy skin rash caused rashes.

There are many types of skin rashes that can affect cats. One of these is a skin macule that is characterized by the presence of a discolored patch of skin that is not inflamed in any other way. This can be seen usually on the nose as a black spot. This kind of rash is usually caused by a bacterial infection, an allergic reaction to fleas, and some types of medications. Cats with a skin rash that resemble a small pimple are usually an indication of a flea or tick bite, a staphylococcus infection, scabies, and contact dermatitis. Pustules are infectious, raised bumps that are filled with pus. This usually occurs after an open wound has been invaded by bacteria. It can also occur from scabies as well.

The treatment of cat skin rashes can mostly be done at home after confirming the type of material you will be using to treat your pet. In case of an allergic skin reaction, the first thing to do is to quell the inflammation. This can be done by applying some turmeric powder on the wound, washing off after an hour, and then sealing it by using aloe vera. In case you are dealing with an infectious rash, you need to first apply some hydrogen peroxide and sterilize the area. After that, apply aloe vera which will form a bandage. This might have to be repeated a few times before the pustule goes away. If your pet has scabies, it is a good idea to give your dog a bath with a neem based soap or just apply neem oil over the fur.

  Submitted on April 16, 2010  

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