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Cat eye problems

Feline Eye Problems:

Cats, unlike other animals, use their sense of sight to get familiar with their surroundings, which also includes hunting and stalking prey.

Cat eye problems are very similar to the human eye problems. It could be spotted in a cat with watering of their eye, if they squint, constantly paw at their eye or any action to show any kid of pain in the eye.  Every cat owner should be aware of cat eye problems and should take note of these signs that determine a problem in the cat’s eyes.

If these signs are ignored, it can lead to the eye becoming chronic or even lead to complete blindness.

The first thing any cat owner should do is examine the eye to check for any foreign substances that might be causing irritation. The best way to do this is to use a flashlight in a dark room.

You can compare it with the other eye to get a clue of the problem. Some of the problems are inflammation of the eye which is a sign of pink eye or conjunctivitis, a protruding nictitating membrane, abnormal eye movements, cross-eye and so on. One of the most common signs is excessive water flowing out of the eye.  If their eye is half shut for a short period of time, it means that there is something that has entered the eye. Hence the cat waters the eye to remove the irritation and after sometime the flowing stops. However, if the eye continues to water, it is recommended that the owner goes to a veterinary to check for cat eye infection immediately.

There is no possible way to prevent eye problem; however, care can be taken to insure cat eye health and safety. A regular wash of the eyes with boracic powder mixed with water is a good way of relieving low level eye irritation and also keeps them resistant of catching germs or bacteria. There are ready to use cat eye wash liquids available at pet pharmacies which can be used for regular eye cleaning. Natural treatment includes herbal tincture which not only helps in preventing and treating cat eye infections but also improves general vision. At home, the owners need to make sure to keep all sharp edged objects away from the cat’s path. Apart from this a cat owner should be very careful about keeping the surroundings clean so as not to be an evolving ground for germs.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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