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Cat hair shedding

Cat Hair Shedding

Cats are one of the most sought after companions.

People of all ages like to have cats. However, the biggest problem with cats, or for that matter any furry animal, is that they shed a lot and therefore have to be properly groomed.

People who have allergies are at a particularly higher risk of experiencing problems when the cats begin to shed. The dander from the fur of the cats becomes airborne very easily and as soon as that happens, people with allergies begin to experience allergic symptoms.

It is very difficult to eliminate the shedding of fur in cats. They do shed a great deal and if you want to reduce the amount of cat hair in your house you will have to do something about the shedding. Here’s what you can do for cat hair fall.

  • The first step will be to check your cat’s diet. In a lot of cases, if the quality of the diet is low, the cat tends to shed more.

    If you are feeding your cat scraps from the table, it is not a good idea to continue with this practice. Get some cat food which is specially formulated for cats and contains all the nutrients that are required by a cat. If you are not too keen on buying food for your cat, you can get some cat food recipes and make something at home.
  • The next step is to check the coat of the cat. If the cat has a rough coat, it is an indication of improper grooming or ill health. Keeping your cat well groomed is very important to avoid alopecia areata in cats. If the cat contracts skin infections, there is a high likelihood that you will see your cat hair falling out. Cats do groom themselves and prefer to not be groomed by their owners. When you try to groom your cat, you may find it visibly upset. However, if you continue grooming it, the cat will become used to the routine.
  • If you bathe your cat, avoid doing it too frequently. Cats do no like water and therefore hate a bath. The bathing experience may completely stress them out because of which they also become extremely anxious and begin to shed fur. Cat hair loss  have to be tackled extremely carefully. If they are anxious and stressed, they might attack too. If you are keen on bathing your cat, it is best to do it only once a month.


  Submitted on May 25, 2010  

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