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Cat diarrhea treatment

Treatment for Cat Diarrhea:

Once it has been established that your cat is suffering from diarrhea of any intensity, it is a good idea to start administering the treatment.

This is because diarrhea can turn your normally pepped up cat into an inactive one and at times it can also be fatal. It may be difficult for you to understand how painful it is for your cat to deal with diarrhea, but you should make it a point to get it treated in the best of ways possible.

In severe cases it is highly recommended to take your cat to a good veterinarian for the treatment.

Treating Cat Diarrhea:


  • Don’t give your cat much to eat for the first day after it has been diagnosed with diarrhea.

    This helps in giving your cat’s digestive system some time to rest and get it in a little stable condition.
  • It is important that your cat doesn’t get dehydrated so do remember to provide it with lots of water from time to time
  • Diarrhea in cats can cause a significant loss of vital nutrients as it does in us humans. Giving your cat a sports drink or Oral Rehydration solution can help make up for the loss of those nutrients.
    Feed your cat with small quantities of mashed potatoes, boiled plain rice, boiled white meat and its broth. Keep this on for a few days even after your cat has recovered.
  • Refrain from giving your cat any dairy products like milk. The cat’s digestive system doesn’t function well with dairy products.
  • Make sure that you don’t bring about any big changes in the diet of your cat. If you do intend to change the brands, then please do it gradually giving the cat time to get used to the new brands.
  • If the diarrhea becomes severe and a visit to the vet becomes a requisite, then please make sure that this is done as soon as possible. The treatment for your cat’s diarrhea at the vet’s clinic would involve a combination of medication and changes in the diet. Medication normally includes anti-inflammatory drugs, electrolytes, and antibiotics. Any worms or parasites are also dealt with. If your cat is having diarrhea because of a blockage then at times surgery is also required. The vet will be asking you to enhance the fluid intake of your cat and will advise you to give your cat fresh home cooked food for a few days. All in all, the treatment of your cat will depend on the cause of diarrhea.
  Submitted on December 8, 2009  

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