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Female cat in heat

Female Cat in Heat:

All female animals that are not spayed have a heat period at some stage of their life.

This is the time when they are most fertile and are desirous of mating. Since the natural instinct makes them want to mate, the period of heat can be an extremely difficult time for a pet owner. A cat may go into heat from the age of four months. The heat period in cats is seasonal and the female cat heat period lasts up to 4-5 days in the summer time.

During this time, the cat comes in to heat again after every 2-3 weeks. The heat period may vary and will end only when the cat has mated or when the heat period finally ends at the end of the season.

The female cat heat cycle is rather unique because a cat enters into heat again as soon as seven days after it has given birth.
All female cats that are in heat, display certain symptoms.

The signs of a female cat in heat are very distinct, and include an increase in affection. The cat may be seen rubbing itself against objects, other animals, or even its owners. The cat is also most likely to make certain mating calls, which you can not miss. The vocalizations of a female cat in heat sound very different, and the mournful drawn out wails are not an indication of pain, but a mating call to any tom cat in the vicinity. The cat usually continues to make these noises until a potential mate finds it and they have mated.

The body language of the cat becomes extremely suggestive as it positions its body to mate, raising its rear and straightening its tail, pointing it upwards. The cat tends to hold on to this posture, treading around the same place for some time before moving to another place and repeating the display. In a lot of cases, the cats may spray objects with their urine. They are more likely to do this on vertical objects like doors and walls. This particular urine has a very foul stench because of the increased amount of estrogen in it, and in the wild is used to mark territory for mating.

This change in the behavior of a female cat also causes changes in the behavior of males. The males become restless and also start urinating frequently. They become aggressive, start howling, and can also sometimes exhibit territorial behavior.
For pet owners, controlling their cat or calming it down may be extremely difficult. The cat usually calms down when the period of heat passes off. However, it can make you extremely uncomfortable. A cat that’s howling all night can be a nightmare in a residential area. Therefore, it is best if you get your pet spayed.

  Submitted on December 15, 2009  

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