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Alopekis Dog | Facts and Information | Characteristics of Alopekis

The Alopekis dog is a small dog that appears like a fox. It has a set of pricked ears, a short and smooth coat, a sickle tail, and a long body. Like a fox, Alopekis dog has a tapering muzzle and swift movements, which can be described as graceful. The dog has a set of [...]

Elbow Dysplasia In Dogs Symptoms, Causes, Treatment | Cost of Dog Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia in dogs can be described as an abnormal development of certain parts in the elbow joint. This is an inherited disease, which could occur during any phase of the dog’s life. Although this condition can be seen in dogs of all sizes and breeds, elbow dysplasia in dogs is more common in medium [...]

Dog Bloat Symptoms, Treatment and Cure | Surgery | Dog Bloat Diarrhea

Dog bloat is a very serious health risk and should be treated immediately as soon as it is observed in dogs. It has been seen that dog bloat causes nearly as many deaths as cancer. Dogs that have deep chests are especially at risk of developing this fatal condition. Some of the breeds that are [...]

Dog Colitis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | Medicine | Diet For Dog Colitis

Colitis is condition in which the colon becomes inflamed. Dog colitis is very similar to colitis in humans, and in this condition, the large intestine, especially its lower part, gets inflamed. There are mainly two types of colitis. There is acute colitis and the other is chronic colitis. In acute colitis, the inflammation of the [...]

Bunny Care and Food | Tips and Basics | Newborn Bunny Care Guide

Adopting a bunny for a pet is hard work and requires commitment. It involves an initial for food, shelter and inoculations. You also need to get your house for a bunny including cordoning an area where it can be by itself, if it wants to.
Bunny Care
At the same time, the bunny should be able to [...]

Bunny Food and Treats | Healthy Bunny Food Guide | Baby Bunny Diet

Bunnies are vegetarian and though the idea of feeding them seems easy peasy, it is actually tricky as there are some things that can be great for bunnies while others can be trouble. It may be a good idea to look at a bunny food list to formulate the ideal bunny diet.
Healthy Bunny Food Guide
Healthy [...]

Best Natural Kitten Food and Diet | Homemade Food and Recipes

Kitten Food
Feeding your kitten well and right is very important. Kittens, as they are growing rapidly, need proper nutrition and food especially meant for kittens.  A kitten diet is easy to maintain. Kitten food needs to contain goods fats like Omega 3 fatty acids and minerals like phosphorus, calcium and potassium to build strong teeth [...]

Komondor Dog Breed, Puppies and Breeders | Temperament | Grooming of Komondor

Information on Komondor Dog, Puppies and Breeders
The Komondor is a Hungarian long-haired dog whose appearance makes it a very unique dog. It is also occasionally known as the mop dogs.

It is a very old breed and has been declared by the Hungarian government as a national treasure so that it is not genetically modified. Its [...]

Harrier Dog Breed | Facts | Cost and Shedding of Harrier Dog

Information on Harrier Dog Facts, Shedding and Price
The Harrier dog is truly one of the few medium-sized dogs today. The Harrier dog breed is similar to that of the foxhound. It was bred primarily to hunt hares. In America the Harrier dog is classified as a hunters’ dog. The name Harrier comes from an old [...]

Eurasier Dog Info | Names | Size and Temperament of Eurasier

Information on Eurasier Dog
The Eurasier originated in Germany and is a breed of Spitz.  It was created to incorporate the various favorable traits of different breeds. This dog was earlier called Wolf Chow as it was a combination of Chow Chow, Wolfspitz and Samoyed but was later named Eurasier.  The Eurasier dog is also known [...]