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Teach Old Cat New Tricks | Training Secrets for Cats

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Teach Old Cat New Tricks

Cats are wonderful as pets and can be a lot of fun to be with. You would want to give your cat the best of training so that she is well behaved and obedient to you and also so that both of you’ll can enjoy each others company. Most people believe that it is easier to train dogs than cats because you cannot force cats to do what you want them to unlike dogs due to which people think that cats are not smart. However, training cats properly by rewarding them can make this task a lot easier and enjoyable. If you have an old cat or got one from someone else, you might find it difficult to train them the way you want to since they already have a certain way of behavior that is established in them which might be difficult to change. Also most cats tend to get lazy and do not want to accept a change from their daily routine. However, with a few cat training tricks, this can be dealt with.

There are a number of tricks for cat that you can teach like to stand on two feet, lie, sit, jump on your legs and so on. Most people do the mistake of assuming that dogs and cats are the same but that is not the case. Dogs enjoy performing tricks as they love to please all those around them, however, this is not the same with cats. This does not mean that cats will not do any tricks, in fact they will if you train them on how to do it and they will do it only to please themselves and for their own benefit. There are a number of cat training tips that you can apply and clicker training is one of them. This method makes the use of a sound made by you that is an indication for calling the cat, giving a reward or suggesting the time for food. Cat training secrets include motivating the cat by making them a favorite treat or buying them food that they like most and this could be anything like small pieces of chicken or tuna that is cooked. You need to always ensure to keep the training short and to the point that should stop once the cat has acted in the right manner as the attention potential of a cat is barely 2 to 10 minutes.