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Why Puppy Eats Feces | Puppies Eating Feces Causes, How to Stop

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Puppy Eats Poop

A very annoying habit that a dog can have is to eat his own poop or other animals poop. Even though this is a very common problem for a dog eating his poop it could cause health hazards to the dog. This habit of dog eating poop is known as Coprophagia. It is the ingestion of poop that is neither accidental nor incidental but is deliberate and habitual. Dogs are not humans and so their sensibilities are very different from us what taste good and smell good for them may not for us.

There are many reasons why puppy eats poop; stress, boredom, or a nutritional imbalance. Some puppies could be eating their poop so as to keep their area clean or rather the hose clean. It could be a genetic issue as well or maybe just the taste for them is good. It could also be because your dog has got worms or parasites as these suck out the nutrients from the food your dog has eaten your dog could feel hungry more often. Another reason could be if your puppy has pooped in the house, he could have eaten it to avoid you from getting angry at him. A mother who has just given birth to her puppies cleans their whelping area so her puppies do not suffer from any health problems.

If you see your dog eating feces try and consult a veteran immediately to know the exact cause or even for consultation on how to stop this problem. If it due to worms that the dog has you could give him a de-worming tablet after consulting a vet.  In case it is due to nutritional imbalance give your dog dry kibble which is high in nutrition’s. Also if it is due to stress or boredom try and spend some quality time with your dog by playing with them talking to them. If you take you dog out for a walk use a leash and pull him away when he goes near any poop so as to make him aware that it dirt or wrong. Do this until he stops this habit. Keep the dog area clean and tidy. Adding a little bit of pineapple, pumpkin or spinach to their food will be good as these things taste horrible in their poop. So they will stop this habit. It is however best to consult a vet before adding anything to your dog’s food to check what will suit your dog best.

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