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How to Groom A Cat | Tips on Grooming Cats

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How to Groom A Cat

Every pet owner wants to keep their pet clean and good looking because of which cat grooming becomes very important. Most people might wonder as to how to groom cat but it is not at all difficult if you are patient and enthusiastic about it. Cats are fastidious and they normally like to keep themselves clean and tidy which they do by licking the fur time and again. However, they usually shed a lot of hair and if this fur begins to fall everywhere in your house it can get very annoying because of which the need to brush it on a regular basis becomes very important. There are certain tools that you need to have with you if you decide to groom your cat and one such tool is a metal comb. For cat grooming, you may also need to buy a flea comb if you leave your cat outdoors a lot. A brush that has soft bristles can be used if your cat has short hair and if your cat has long or medium length hair, then you will need to buy a wire bristle brush or a stainless still brush. The shampoo that you will use for him depends if he has fleas or not. Clipping the nails of your cats is also very essential especially if they have long nails and thus, you need to have a cat nail clipper. Be very careful while you cut their nails as you do not want to clip into the quick that is the sensitive part of the nail.

How to groom a cat depends also on how enjoyable an experience you make it for both you and your cat. Offer them a treat each time they listen to you and get things done without acting fussy. Each time you have to brush their hair, make them sit on your lap and gently comb the hair in the direction of the hair and incase if there is any mat, take a wide teeth brush and slowly untangle the mat making sure that it does not hurt them. You should never give bath to your cat if she is having mats as that will make it harder for the mats to be removed later. You will mostly not face the need to bathe your cat as they do that on their own by licking themselves but you should bathe them with water on a regular basis.