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Homemade Dog Toys | Tips on How to Make Toys for Dog at Home

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Homemade Dog Toys

Homemade dog toys are always a good idea as compared to purchasing ready made toys that are commercially available. This is because preparing the toys for the dogs acts a stress buster for the owner and also strengthens the bond between the dog and the owner. Moreover natural dog toys are also a lot safer than their commercial counterparts. To make dog toys at home owners can use readily available materials such as old ropes, socks, and tennis balls. Rope toys not only entertain the dog but are also beneficial health wise. This is because biting or chewing on the rope tends to clean the dog’s teeth and even massages the gums thereby strengthening them. However care should be taken that the rope used is not one that will cut your dog’s gums and is preferably a thick rope. While preparing homemade dog toys one needs to be creative and innovative. Sometimes a piece of fruit is also sufficient to entertain the dog. One can fill a small pail with water and throw in a fresh apple. The dog is then occupied with trying to grab the apple and even if he does grab and bite into the apple he will end up consuming vital anti oxidants that are beneficial to his health. Some owners unintentionally give their dogs old clothes or shoes to play with. This sends the wrong message to the dog who will think that all the shoes in the house are his toys.

Some dogs usually get tired of their chew bones and tend to lose interest in them. One of the ways to revive the dog’s interest in the bone is to apply some flavoring like peanut butter on the bone or in the inside of the bone in case it is hollow. Another easy to make homemade dog toy is to tie an old tennis ball at the end of a thick cotton rope and keep this rope suspended away from the ground. The dog will be occupied trying to reach the ball and then tug it off the rope. The dog owner can also initiate a game of tug of war with an old thick rope with the dog. However do not hit the dog with the rope to get him interested in the game as this will make him angry or will lead to fear towards the rope thereby defeating the purpose of the toy.

Natural Dog Toys | Make Toys for Dogs at Home

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Natural Dog Toys

Most dogs resort to bad behavior such as chewing on furniture and garbage on account of boredom. Most people are not too keen on purchasing toys for dogs that are commercially available as they are very expensive and sometimes the synthetic products used may also be harmful to your dog. Hence the next option is to make dog toys at home as they tend to be more economical. The first step towards making natural dog toys is to determine what are the ideal play materials for your dog because some dogs may like the texture and taste of certain materials like mesh and toweling whereas others are not too fond of them. While making homemade dog toys care should be taken to avoid plastics parts as they can be easily chewed into small pieces by the dog and may prove to be a choking hazard. Additionally if swallowed, plastic and even rubber are known to block the digestive tract. It is advisable not to give your dog an old or discarded shoe to play with because this will indicate to the dog that it is fine to chew shoes and he will even consider shoes that are currently in use to be his toys.

One of the easy homemade dog toys is the ball which basically is an old tennis ball with holes punched in it and a small metal ball inserted in that hole. This toy keeps the dog engaged as they are intrigued by the sound made by the ball. Another toy for dogs that can be made of home is a rope Frisbee which involves taking a heavy cotton rope and tying the two ends together in the form of a circle. This toy is also suitable for small dogs that are unable to actually catch a full sized frisbee in their mouth. Additionally dog owners can also use an old clean sock and fill it with a ball or a few pellets of dog food. Sew the open end of the sock together so that the ball or food pellets cannot come out. This toy keeps the dog engaged for hours as they try to remove the object from the sock. Some dogs are able to differentiate between their toys and between their owner’s belongings whereas some aren’t. Hence if using a sock to prepare dog toy it is advisable to make interesting shapes from the socks using ones imagination rather than simply tossing a sock to the dog to play with.