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Azteca Horse Facts | Azteca Horse Breed Colors, Information

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Azteca Horse Facts

Horses have, for a long time, been a vital part in the overall development of our civilizations – playing important roles in not only transport, but also in the hunting and other means of food retrieval amongst a number of other chores. While horses are highly regarded for the immense usefulness that they provide in our lives, they are also very good and tender companions – with a streak of rather fierce loyalty. With the advent of the motorcar and other forms of transport vehicles, the use of horses is becoming more restricted to that of a pet or for sport as in the case of race horses. There are a number of different varieties of horses – ranging in special skill sets from being domestic horses and cart pushers to race horses. Within each group there are a number of sub breeds that have their own defining features. One of the most popular types of race horse is known as the Azteca race horse breed. There is a lot of information available on the breed and here are some interesting azteca horse facts; hails primarily from Mexico and combines three different bloodlines – the Iberian horse blood, the Criollo and American Quarter horse. All compiled Azteca horse facts show the animals generally being of a rather large size – no smaller than 14.3 hands on an average.

Azteca horse colors are generally solid and marks are generally indicative of the animal not being of pure breed. Some of the most interesting Azteca horse facts include the animal holding its head rather straight or having a slightly convex profile with small and well pricked ears as well as expressive eyes. The Aztec horses’ mane and tail are rather flowing and slightly arched with the tail set noticeably low.

Some of the more interesting Azteca horse facts when it comes to the animals overall physical profile and nature include the animal being of high agility, power, speed and strength. It is also an animal with an undying spirit – something that makes it one of the marquee racehorses of most circuits. Some of the more common activities for which an Azteca horse is used include bull fighting, reigning, team penning, polo, pleasure riding, and classical riding. The Azteca horse breed is widely known to be the national horse of Mexico, largely because the local populace at the time were of the opinion that Mexico needed its own horse breed. With the help of a number of local associations, breeding of the animal was rather rapid and increased the breed’s popularity in the area as well.