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Healthy Fish Foods |Diet for Fish Health Care | Foods for Fish

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Healthy Fish Food:

Healthy food consumption is extremely important for having healthy fish. To increase the longevity of your fish, it is vital that you feed them the right kind of food they are meant to eat. The environment of the aquarium is new for the fish, and it takes some time for them to come to terms with it. When given the right kind of food, they are able to better adapt to their new surroundings.

Healthy food not only helps keep the fish healthy but also helps bring out the best of colors in them, and helps in maintaining healthy and glossy skin. There are several types of fish available; however, we can widely classify them as freshwater fish and sea water fish. Both these kind of fishes have different nutritional needs and therefore, require different foods from each other. Usually people keep fresh water fish in their aquarium, since they are more adept in the confined space and the water conditions there.

Since fish have now become popular pets, different kinds of foods for both freshwater and salt water fish are commercially available. When the right kind of food is given to the fish, its activity levels also increase. However, you first need to find out what kind of fish you have so that you can select the right kind of food for your pet.

There are several types of foods available commercially; however, these foods are categorized into two types: live and processed. The live foods usually consist of live plants and other microorganisms. These microorganisms are harmless to the fish. Since live foods have better quality of protein and other nutrients, they are nutritionally far better than processed foods. There are several types of processed foods available too. Though processed foods also contain fresh foods, its nutritional quality is not as comparable to that of live foods. Most of the processed foods come in the form of frozen, freeze dried, and packaged foods. Fresh foods usually consist of small chunks of meat, vegetable or fruit. These foods are fresh and therefore, have some amount of moisture content in them. Sometimes, to increase their shelf life, they are dried before storage and hence are also known as dried foods.

Canned foods, especially the ones which are in the form of dried flakes, are most popular among pet fish owners. Flakes are best suited to smaller fish. However, for larger fish, pellets which can sink into the water are recommended. Frozen foods like bloodworms and shrimp, which are full of digestive proteins, are a good option for feeding your fish.