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Equine Infectious Anemia Virus Quarantine | Equine Infectious Anemia Vaccine

Equine Infectious Anemia Virus
Equine infectious anemia virus causes a highly contagious viral infection in horses; it can be compared to HIV in humans. Equine infectious anemia virus is capable of producing its own DNA, which attaches itself to the various cellular structures in the body of a horse. In this manner, the virus replicates itself [...]

Equine Pneumonia Symptoms, Treatment | Equine Foal Pneumonia

Equine Pneumonia Symptoms
The equine family, covering horses, mules and donkeys, have all been of great help to the development of civilization over the centuries. From being the primary modes of transport, these majestic beasts have always had to bear a huge burden and a weight of expectations that may have been unimaginable at times. However, [...]

Equine Infectious Anemia Testing | Equine Infectious Anemia Transmission Test

Equine Infectious Anemia Testing
Also widely known as swamp fever, equine infectious anemia is a virus that is known to affect almost all of the members of the equine family such as horses, mules and donkeys. One of the most significant characteristics of equine infectious anemia is the fact that it can affect the animal for [...]