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    Brahman Cow Breed:

    The Brahman breed of cows is a descendent of the Zebu.

    This is a breed of cow that hails from South Asia and specifically India. The name is actually not one that is derived from India itself but was rather an appellation that was conferred in America where a super breed of the cow has been developed over the years. The Brahman cow is one of the most ancient creatures being a part of the folklore and religious practices of South Asia.

    It is considered a sacred animal in India, the country which has the highest population of cows and the lowest number of beef eaters.

    The Brahman cow is no more strictly restricted to India, as is the case with many breeds of cows. The Brahman was in fact exported to many countries of the world, especially to those areas of the world that had harsh and hot climates.

    This is because the animal is most at home in this kind of weather. It is also biologically more resistant to disease than most other breeds because of its innate immunity and the fact that it has a coat that prevents parasitic insects from getting access to biting it and causing disease.

    Other interesting aspects of Brahman information are that it is used both as a milk producer and a beef producer in the countries that it is exported to. This breed is quite famous for its ability to produce copious amounts of milk. A cow can in fact have a few calves but being the dedicated mother that it is, will never run out of milk to feed its calves. This is what makes the cow so popular as a milk producing machine. In America, a super breed of the original descendant has been created with the combination of a couple of variants that are all indigenous to India. This has served to further make the breed more commercially acceptable for harvesting. One of the most characterizing features of the animal is the presence of a hump at the top of its neck and a dewlap. Some of the other interesting facts of the zebu and Brahman is that the bulls are actually quite a favorite in bull-riding and rodeos. These cattle also have sweat glands and this is an important adaptation to living in hot climates like those in South Asia. Sweat glands are necessity for any animal that needs to survive outdoors in a tropical environment.

      Submitted on January 20, 2010