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    Bad Diet for Dogs:

    It is common practice for dog owners to feed scraps from the dinner table to their dogs.

    However, this could pose many risks for the dog due to the ingredients that some foods contain. Certain foods are considered bad food for dogs, while some foods can even lead to serious illnesses.

    Beverages such as coffee, tea and alcohol can cause many unpleasant symptoms in dogs and in some cases, can also lead to kidney and heart problems. Fruits such as raisins, fruit pits, grapes and avocados also constitute as foods to avoid for dogs.

    These can result in breathing problems, fluid buildup in the chest, stomach and heart, kidney damage and pancreatitis. Fruit pits also have cyanide in them which is highly toxic for dogs. Vegetables such as wild mushrooms, tomatoes and onions can result in weakness in dogs. They can also sometimes cause serious conditions such as anemia.

    Chocolate and products that contain the artificial sweetener, xylitol, can lead to many health problems, and in some cases may even cause death. Weakness, seizures, tremors and death may also result when salt, nutmeg and macadamia nuts are consumed by dogs. Spoilt, moldy and fatty foods are also harmful to dogs and must be avoided. It is important to seek medical attention immediately if food poisoning is suspected in your dog.

    There are many conditions that a dog can suffer due to consumption of improper foods. Chronic gastritis can result when certain foods are not tolerated by the dog’s system. This generally happens when the dog is fed rotten or old food. Leftovers can also be considered as poisonous dog foods since they may consist of hard, brittle bones which can harm the digestive system of the dog.  Dogs that look for food in the trash face the risk of consuming many toxic substances. Sudden changes in the dog’s diet can bring on diarrhea. The digestive system takes a while to get used to certain foods and as such dietary changes must be introduced gradually. If the diarrhea continues for beyond 24 hours, the dog must be taken to the veterinarian as dehydration may occur from continuous diarrhea. Allergies are very common in dogs. They occur when the immune system overreacts to certain substances. There are several ingredients contained in commercial dog foods that can bring on allergic reactions. These reactions can range from mildly uncomfortable to fatal. Food allergies can be detected by feeding meals consisting of separate dishes to the dog.

      Submitted on February 23, 2010