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    Iguana Health:

    The iguana is a rather large reptile that comes from the lizard family.

    Iguanas are very commonly kept around the world as family pets and are usually classifies into types depending on their places of origin. The green iguanas are the most common variety used as pets and usually need to be housed in a 30 gallon aquarium tank that could be of any shape or size. Some kind of newspaper, linoleum or artificial grass could be used to cover the base of the tank instead of the more commonly used soil, sand or wood shavings, which could be ingested by the animal.

    The green iguanas are cold blooded creatures and are, thus unable to regulate their body temperatures. As a result, it is essential that the right temperatures are set for them in order for them to have a healthy life. If you are unable to provide natural sunlight for the animal, you would need to use an artificial ultra violet source of light.

    As much as possible though, try using natural UV light because it helps vitamin D production and, thereby, calcium absorption in the animal. Blue iguanas are another variety of iguanas but cannot be kept as pets because of the fact that they are considered to be a severely endangered species.  When keeping a pet iguana, you may want to take a note of the number of iguana health issues to better your understanding of the situation.

    There are a number of iguana health problems that are known to affect all varieties of iguana. Abscess formation is a very common occurrence while trying to maintain green iguana health levels as a result of the possibility of a bacterial infection. When any treatment or therapy is delayed, the bacteria may tend to multiply and spread all over the body, something which usually results in internal abscesses. Egg binding is a condition that has potentially fatal complications. Egg binding is a condition where the pregnant female iguana is incapable of expelling one or more eggs from the reproductive tract. The condition could be brought on by conditions such as malnutrition as well as a mummification of the eggs. Gross levels of malnutrition are likely to result in a condition known as metabolic bone disease and are often aggravated by deficiencies of vitamin D3 and calcium reserves within the body. Any bacterial infection of the mouth is also likely to spiral into a condition known as mouth rot. The symptoms of the condition include swelling, inflammation as well as the accumulation of pus within the mouth.
      Submitted on January 21, 2010