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Komondor Dog Breed, Puppies and Breeders | Temperament | Grooming of Komondor

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Information on Komondor Dog, Puppies and Breeders

The Komondor is a Hungarian long-haired dog whose appearance makes it a very unique dog. It is also occasionally known as the mop dogs.

It is a very old breed and has been declared by the Hungarian government as a national treasure so that it is not genetically modified. Its first mention was in the mid 16th century. The origin of the Komondor is not without argument but it is generally believed that Cumans brought the Komondor to Hungary. Cumans were nomads who were settled in Hungary in the 12th and 13th century. It is also believed that there is a genetic link between the white Russian livestock dogs – the south Russian Ovcharka.

The Komondor can be over 30 inches tall, with a thick beautifully corded coat. Its coat is very distinct and it makes the dog with the longest coat in the canine world. Komondor puppies tend to have soft coats and these cords form as the puppies mature. They have strong, short backs and muscular legs. The length of this breed is more than its height, giving the appearance of a rectangle from certain angles. The average height of the female Kommondor is about 27 inches and it can weigh between 88 and 110 pounds. The average height for a male Komondor is 32 inches and it can weigh 110 to 132 pounds.

Its biggest distinguishing factor is its dreadlock-like coat. Its coat is excellent protection for extreme dry and cold weather, for attacks of other wild animals and from vegetation, making it the perfect dog for shepherding livestock. It is a very strong dog that has traditionally guarded livestock.  This coat also makes it look like a sheep which allows it blend into the herd well.

It has the temperament of a livestock guarding dog but can be calm with children. It constantly patrols through the night while also keep a guarded eye in the day. Due to its size, dog obedience training becomes mandatory from an early age. You should start training Komondor puppies from month four onwards.  The Komondor could cause harm even if it doesn’t intend to.

Grooming in Komondor dogs is a very important aspect of dog care. The Komondor’s coat needs special care as while protecting animals it could get bitten. If you give your Komondor a bath, its coat will take two and half days to dry. Their coats also attract a lot of parasites and needs constant attention.