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Bullmastiff Eye Problems

Bullmastiff Eye Problems - Information on Entropion Disorder in Dogs

Most dogs are prone to eye problems.  Bullmastiffs, like all mastiffs, have chronic eye problems.

The English mastiff also has recurrent eye problems. The common eye problems that dogs tend to suffer from are ectropion and entropion.

What is an Entropion Disorder?

Entropion is a treatable disorder in which the eyelids sag and the exposed conjunctiva is red. The eyes of the dog also do not produce any tears. This defect comes from genes that determine the structure of the eyelids and the face.

Delay in treatment could lead to long term damage to the bullmastiff’s eyes. An incidence of ectropion can also lead to further infections like bacterial conjunctivitis and allergies. Dogs like bullmastiff are prone to these infections because it affects dogs with exaggerated facial features. Therefore it even affects other breeds like Basset Hound, Saint Bernard, mastiffs and bullmastiffs.

Dog Entropion is when the dogs eyelids fold inward.

The symptoms are puffy, swollen lids with the eyes appearing partially closed. There is also a discharge that is seen from the eye. The folded eyelid rubs against the cornea, causing the dog a lot of pain. This is also a treatable illness but a delay could result in surgery or worse, permanent damage to the cornea.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is another common eye disease that happens in dogs. This disease causes gradual bilateral degeneration of the retina. This degeneration eventually leads to reduction in vision and eventual blindness. This inherited disease appears at around 2 months of age. One of the main indicators is the dog’s reluctance to enter dark corridors or dark rooms. While there are specific tests to diagnose this condition, there is still no cure for.

There are different theories but veterinarians say these conditions of the eyes are congenital in dogs.  Incidence of many of these diseases can be checked at the breeders as they often maintain detailed records. As these dogs can be hired for watchdog capabilities, eye problems that affect the vision can be counter-productive. It is also important to keep your bullmastiff’s eyes clean and free of mucous.

As this is a big dog breed, it is also prone to many other problems like bloating, hip dysplasia, cancer and tumors, cardiac issues, hypothyroidism, kidney problems and panosteitis or bone disease. These dogs need a lot of exercise and outdoor activities to keep them healthy. They can be well-trained family dogs but traditionally were bred to keep poachers at bay.

  Submitted on January 30, 2012