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Bullmastiff Health Problems

Bullmastiff Health Problems - Information on Bullmastiff Diseases and Health Concerns

A bullmastiff has always been known to be an animal which should be feared.

However, the truth is that these dogs are usually mild mannered and are not as scary as they are often portrayed to be. A bullmastiff is a very powerful animal and is extremely serious and self-assured. If you want a tough looking dog to accompany you and intimidate onlookers, this is the perfect dog for you.

Unfortunately, bullmastiff health problems make it a slightly difficult dog to keep.

In fact, these dogs are often not the first choice for many, due to their strong temperament and their short life span. Bullmastiff health problems are a rather common topic among bullmastiff lovers. If you have any knowledge about dogs, you will realize that the impressive muscle tone of this beautiful dog is every bit as difficult to maintain as it is impressive.

Bullmastiff puppies are very active, and you may have a very hard time trying to keep it on all four feet. The dog is intensely loyal and loves to be with the family all the time.

Unlike other mastiffs, the bullmastiff is very sensible with strangers and treats them with caution. However, the dog has a very strong territorial sense and will not take kindly to anyone who it thinks is encroaching its territory. The bullmastiff is also extremely strong and equally stubborn. It is inclined to do things its own way and tends to test the members of the family. If trained well early in its life, living with an adult bullmastiff will not be that much of a chore. The dog is a splendid companion, but bullmastiff health problems prevent it from becoming a popular pet. It is important to give proper training and exercise to the dog throughout its life.

Bullmastiff Health Concerns and Information

Bullmastiffs have very soft growing bones, which may get damaged easily. If you over-exercise the dog, its ligaments and joints may become stressed and ultimately get damaged. In their adulthood, bullmastiffs need a little more exercise or they tend to get obese. However, if you make the dog exercise in hot and humid weather, the dog may overheat and get sick.

Bullmastiff health concerns include bone and joint diseases that may leave the dog completely crippled. Bullmastiffs are also very prone to other diseases, and therefore, before you buy one, it is best to get all the bullmastiff health information from the breeder.

These dogs tend to have a shorter lifespan and are alarmingly prone to developing cancer in their middle age.


  Submitted on December 21, 2011