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Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny - Information on Baby Bunny Food, Diet, Treats and Care

Baby bunnies are cute and you instinctively want to cuddle it.

But do they make good house pets? Let’s look at some baby bunny facts. Bunnies are actually born without fur. Rabbits cannot vomit so they should only eat things good for them and bunnies love to chew.

Baby bunnies are vegetarian and it is tricky as there are some things that can be great for bunnies while others items can be fatal. Let’s look at what food you can feed your bunny.

Baby Bunny Food and Care

The baby bunny needs a lot of care especially in its food. Bunny diet includes a list of different fruits and vegetables.

The food guide includes all vegetarian food. The most common favorite food for rabbits is hay. If you cannot find hay, you can certainly find nutrition packed hay pellets at your pet store. You can also feed your bunny things like coriander, collard greens, artichoke, arugula, basil, beet tops, brussel sprouts, celery, chard, fennel, endive, dill, cucumber and chives.

Treats in bunnies are largely fruits and are considered fattening for rabbits. A little fruit is good but making an everyday diet of fruits is not advisable as it could cause diarrhea, causing much anguish to the bunny and you too. Fresh food that you can feed the rabbit can include carrot, apple, banana, broccoli, as treats.

Common knowledge tells us that lettuce is a favorite with rabbits. But that is not the case. It may be a favorite with your bunny but favorites like lettuce, cabbage, potato tops, tomato leaves should not be given to rabbits.  Even fruits like cherries, peaches, plums and apricots are not good for the bunny.

If you choose to let your bunny eat out in your garden and grow plants that it will like to eat. Remember there are some plants that should not be there at all. These plants can be life threatening for rabbits. Plants like cloves, honeysuckle, poppies, ivy, oleander, holly, poinsettias, rhubarb leaves and daffodils along with many others can kill a rabbit quickly if it ingests it.

Some rare bunny treats can be raisins or dried fruits, unsalted peanuts, dried banana chips and perhaps even graham crackers. But this is not food that can be given every day and the bunny needs his share of greens to keep his digestive system intact. Chocolate is a big no- no as it can be toxic for bunnies.

  Submitted on January 27, 2012