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Miniature Bunny - Information on Miniature Bunny Breeds and Care For Miniature Bunnies

There are several people across the globe who would love to keep a rabbit as a pet, mainly because rabbits are regarded as cute, cuddly and adorable creatures.

There is also a common belief amongst several people what looking after a bunny is not very difficult, since they are so small, as compared to other breeds. Moreover, children love baby rabbits, because of their small size; unfortunately, as the rabbits grow older and reach their full size, small children may find it really difficult to look after their pets. Therefore, in case of a pet choice for little children, it may be best for a parent to consider getting a miniature bunny.

What is a Miniature Bunny?

A miniature bunny can be described as a small rabbit breed, in which the mature species does not exceed 4 pounds in weight. There are several different miniature bunny breeds that people can choose from. Given below are the most common rabbit breeds, which can be regarded as miniature bunnies:

• American Fuzzy Lop
• Britannia Petite
• The Himalayan Rabbit
Holland Lop
• Jersey Wooly
• Netherland Dwarf
Mini Rex

There may be several other breeds that have miniature versions, for the rabbits that are of a smaller build.

Miniature Bunny Care

It is absolutely essential for every responsible pet owner to make sure that they look after their miniature bunny carefully. Given below are a few basic guidelines that should be followed, while taking care of a miniature bunny:

• A spacious cage or hutch should be set up indoors for the rabbit. The rabbit’s house should protect it from predators as well as unfavorable weather. At the same time, it should have a litter box, as well as adequate room for it to exercise.

• The miniature bunny rabbit should be given access to a lot of fresh hay at all times. There are daily recommended doses for rabbit pellets too, which vary, based on the miniature bunny’s age. Therefore, it is best to check this with the doctor.

• A miniature bunny rabbit’s diet should include at least some quantities of green veggies. Small baby carrots are also usually enjoyed by most rabbits. On rare occasions, it may be alright to give the miniature rabbit treats, like an apple slice or a piece of banana, after consulting a doctor.

• The rabbit should have access to toys and playthings, like toys, old books, toilet rolls, plastic keys and so on.

Proper miniature bunny care is incomplete without regular vet checkups.

  Submitted on January 4, 2012