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    Ways to Train Dog:

    Every pet owner’s dream is to train their pet well so that they can teach them to be obedient and maintain a good behavior.

    Most of us may wonder how to train dogs because explaining things to them is a task but this can be overcome if you train your dog the right way. Dog training may be defined as the training you impart to your dog so that he behaves in a certain way after being given a command.

    Training dogs becomes even more important as that is the only way you can communicate with them and try to establish a good rapport with them. There are a number of dog training methods and dogs can be trained for varied purposes like military, for rescuing purposes, enforcement of law, hunting, to look after the house and protect it, to help people with disabilities, entertainment and shows and so on.

    Of all the trainings, training dogs for behavior is of utmost importance.

    While training a dog or puppy, you need to keep in mind that appropriate rewards need to be given to them on completing a certain task successfully while ignoring the mistakes that they have done and punishing them for the same. This sort of dog training is known as the positive reinforcement technique. On the other hand, a negative reinforcement technique follows the psychology that the dog should be punished for all the wrong things that they do and therefore, they will remember and not repeat the mistakes. This technique is a traditional one and does help but positive reinforcement is gaining importance over the years. Some of the positive reinforcement dog training methods are clicker training, play training and luring to name a few. In clicker training, the right behavior is known with the click marks which can be in the form of certain sounds and this in turn is rewarded. Giving them food as rewards is always a great option as dogs love food. Another training method for dog is body block where in you can easily get your dog to not move into a particular space. It does not involve beating or poking the dog but as soon as your dog begins to move in a space that they are not supposed to enter, you should body block them and let them move back and they will thus understand that the particular area is forbidden and they cannot have access to it.

      Submitted on May 7, 2010