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    Hunting Dog Training

    Hunting dogs are dogs that are used by hunters to assist in tracking down and retrieving prey.

    There are 24 different breeds of dog which are used in hunting. The choice of the type of dog depends on the type of hunt that the dog will be used for. The other major consideration in choosing a dog is the type of climate under which the dog will be used.

    Hound dogs are capable of high speed and are used in hunts where they may be required to kill the prey themselves. They are further divided into sight hounds and scent hounds depending on their method of tracking prey. Dogs that are classified as gun dogs are those that assist hunters who are using guns and often identify the location of the prey or assist in finding the body of the prey once shot.

    This is especially applicable to birds that are hunted.

    Hunting dog training begins at a young age. It is essential to build a strong bond with your animal and this happens easily with younger dogs that are being trained as they grow to their full strength. Typically a dog may begin training as young as 7 weeks old. Dogs must be trained in two different aspects. The first being physical conditioning where the dog is regularly exercised to build muscle and speed as well as to develop stamina. This must be done at all times whether during the hunting season or during the off season. A physically fit dog is a dog that will be capable of hunting well. The second part of how to train a hunting dog involves the identification of prey. Dogs that are trained by smell are always more effective than dogs trained exclusively by sight as it is not always possible to spot prey, especially in areas of dense foliage. When training a hunting dog it is also essential to expose the dog to the climate in which the dog will be hunting. Popular hunting dog training tips include using deer scent. Deer scent may be used and spread in a trail with a dog biscuit at the end of the trail. Teaching the dog to follow the trail with a reward at the end of it will reinforce the concept in the mind of the dog allowing it to associate the scent of its prey, in this case deer, with a reward.  
    It is also essential to encourage discipline in your dog so that the animal has a clear concept of who is the master.

      Submitted on May 7, 2010