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Cockatiel food

Cockatiel Food

The Cockatiel is a small crested cockatoo which is usually found in the scrublands, bush lands and wetlands of Australia.  They are beautiful birds and are very popular throughout the world as caged pets.

Cockatiel Bird Diet, Treats

If you are keeping a cockatiel as a pet, you must pay attention to its diet and exercise so that it remains healthy and active. The diet must be varied enough to provide proper bird nutrition, and also keep its weight in check.
  • You can give your pet good quality cockatiel bird food.

    This is a seed mix available at supermarkets and pet suppliers. But most of these ready-mixed bird seeds contain a large percentage of sunflower seeds, which can be quite fattening.  You can make your own mix – by using plain canary seed, some budgie seeds and a handful of sunflower seeds. Buy small amounts of the seeds at a time, so that they remain fresh.
  • You can also supplement the bird diet with special pelleted food.
  • Too much of seed diet may cause your cockatiel to become overweight and unhealthy, so it is necessary to give it fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

    Cockatiels love fruits such as mango, guava, orange, apple, plum and pomegranate. You could also give them grape, kiwi, melon pear, peach, strawberries, watermelon and tangerines. Vegetables such as peas, watercress, celery and carrots are excellent cockatiel food. They also love to nibble on spinach, zucchini, chard, broccoli and bok choy. While fresh fruits and vegetables are the best, you can also give canned or frozen ones, but first thaw it to room temperature. Take care to wash them properly. Cut them into small pieces and take out the stones, pips or cores before serving.
  • Cockatiels are also fond of ‘people food’. They especially love to nibble on bread, crackers, hard-boiled eggs and cereals such as cornflakes. You can give them cooked pasta and rice, along with boiled potato, sweet potato and pumpkin.
  • Always fill up their bowls with fresh drinking water.
  • To keep your cockatiel healthy, you need to offer it vitamin and mineral supplements. You can sprinkle powdered vitamins on seeds or moist food, or mix it in the drinking water, but always take care to follow the directions about correct dosage and frequency. Essential minerals like iodine and calcium are available in small blocks.
  • You can also give your cockatiel the occasional food treat such as spray millet or honey bells, but don’t do it too frequently as they are fattening.


  Submitted on May 27, 2010