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Natural bird food

Natural Bird Food

All birds need the basic necessities of food, water and shelter.

However, different types of birds have different dietary requirements. Natural bird food includes fruit, nuts, seeds, flower nectar, berries, worms, buds, insects, other birds, eggs and small animals. Some birds also feed on dead animals. The type of beak the bird has is an indication of the type of food a bird eats. For example, birds with thick coned shaped beaks are able to efficiently crack seeds.

The diet of these birds consists of only seeds, although they may resort to eating insects if seeds are unavailable. Such birds include finches, sparrows, cardinals, towhees and grosbeaks.
There are other factors as well that determine the diet of a bird. The flight habits, hearing and sight of birds influences their dietary habits. Birds such as swallows feed during flight and hence they eat mainly insects.

Birds such as hawks and eagles are able to spot their prey from afar. Owls are able to locate rodents in the dark. Herons are able to see fish and can also allow for refraction of water. Robins are able to see and also hear the movements of earthworms. Seasonal changes also make a difference in the diet of birds. Fruits are ripe during certain seasons, while insects are plentiful during other seasons. Migrating birds also need to build fat for the purpose of migration. In winter, small birds tend to eat throughout the day since they burn off food quickly to keep warm.

Birds may be fed through a bird feeder as this helps to maintain hygiene and also avoids wastage of grain. Any grain that remains uneaten must be cleaned up as this could result in spread of disease. In the monsoons, feeders may be kept in areas where they will not come in contact with rain water. The water used for drinking and bathing must be changed regularly. Birds like to eat pearl millets, ground nuts and rice. Other natural food for bird includes cooked rice and wheat bread without any oil. Fruits such as sweet lime, papaya and banana may also be offered to them. There are also many manufacturers that produce organic bird food. These organic pellets are cold pressed so that they retain their natural vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients. The pellets must be stored in dry and cool areas where they will be free from any kind of infestation.

  Submitted on July 16, 2010  

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