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Organic bird food

Organic Bird Food

Birds have conventionally been fed on seeds and grains.

Add to this fruits and vegetables, and you get a meal for your bird. Though these might sound like completely healthy options to you, in reality, they may be extremely dangerous for your bird.
The foods that we give to our birds contain high amounts of pesticides and other chemicals which have been used to grow these fruits and vegetables.

Most of the bird feeds available commercially expose our pets to toxic residues which can adversely affect their health. Though these pesticides are harmful to humans as well, they are specifically designed to keep pests and birds away from the crop, and therefore are even more poisonous to the birds.

Organic bird food is a recently developed form of food for birds. These foods have been grown and manufactured using only organic methods and therefore, contain no trace of pesticides or any other harmful chemicals that might harm your bird.

Though organic bird food and organic bird seeds are slightly more expensive than regular bird food, in the long run the health benefits of the food make it cheaper. If your bird gets sick due to the toxic food that you have been feeding it, the expenses that you will incur will most likely be far more than the cost of switching to organic bird seed or organic bird pellets.

Organic bird seed is essentially food that is grown on organic farms. These seeds are completely pure and haven’t been tampered with. They are grown using organic farming techniques and harvested in the same manner, thus retaining all the nutrients and the qualities of the seed without tempering it with any kind of additive or chemicals. Organic bird pellets are dried foods which are made from fresh organic ones. The pellets use organic ingredients to make concentrated dry foods. These pellets are easy to store since the moisture content in them is very low, and are also not very expensive. Some of the ingredients of these pellets are wheat, maize, potatoes, apples, sweet corn, pears, and many other fruits and vegetables. While the traditional bird foods are high in mineral content, which can be poisonous to birds, organic bird food is 100% natural and therefore, safe for your pet. However, even though organic bird food has many advantages over normal food, recent studies have shown that birds prefer normal food to organic foods.

  Submitted on July 16, 2010  

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