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Bulldog Puppies

A Bulldog puppy could include both English Bulldog puppies or British Bulldog puppies because their ancestry can be traced back to the British Isles.

You should not confuse this breed with French or the American bulldog puppies though.

  • Appearance: The bulldog has a thick-set head and very thick shoulders. They have folds of skin on their brow. Bulldog puppies have black, wide-set eyes and a short muzzle with folds of skin that are known as ‘rope’ above the nose.

    They have hanging, loose skin below the neck, pointed teeth and drooping lips. Bulldogs have a flat, short and sleek coat that be of the following colors – brindle, white, fawn and red. They can be of mixed colours.
  • Temperament: Though bulldogs look bad tempered, they are actually quite docile. And though they look heavy set, they are very fast movers.

    These friendly and gregarious dogs can sometimes be wilful. In fact, it’s their tendency to be strong-headed that has coined the term “stubborn as a bulldog.” Breeders have worked hard to breed aggression out of this breed of dogs. Bulldogs are very attached to their family and home, and do not like to venture out of the house without their owner or human companion. Bulldogs get along well with other pets as well as with children.
  • Health: Research shows that bulldogs are at a high risk of getting hip dysplasia. These dogs are also prone to suffering from respiratory problems. Some of the other dog health problems that affect bulldogs are hip issues, allergies, protrusion of the inner eyelid, and cherry eye. Bulldog puppies are often delivered via C-section because puppies have large heads and these can get stuck in the birth canal of the mother. However, a percentage of bulldog dams are able to give birth naturally.
It is important to clean the folds of skin on a bulldog’s face because these areas accumulate moisture. Some bulldogs have extremely tight, curling tails, and need some ointment and regular cleaning.

It is important to exercise your bulldog regularly. If you don’t, then your bulldog can become overweight, and this could lead to lung and heart problems. It could also lead to dog joint problems.

Bulldog puppies and adult dogs are very sensitive to heat. So if you live in a place that tends to get very warm, then you need to provide your bulldog with a lot of water and a cool, shaded place.
  Submitted on June 10, 2010