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Siberian husky

Siberian Husky Puppies

Siberian huskies are a behavioral representative of the dog’s forbearer - the wolf, thus they howl instead of barking.

These dogs are very independent but are affectionate towards most people. These dogs need to be trained well; a fifteen minute per day training should help them well enough. Siberian husky puppies have a tendency to be dominant and stubborn. You will have to consistently train them right from the time they are puppies to get them adjusted to you.

A Siberian husky puppy is beautiful with sparkling blue eyes. These dogs are very social and they love to be around people and kids.

Before getting one home, you must consider the needs of this dog. A Siberian husky loves to run endlessly and being of a spirited and adventurous nature will look forward to digging up in the garden and bounding through fences.

This dog loves his freedom and thus you might want to consider fencing once you got a husky for a pet. You should put a leash on your dog every time you head out; there is a very good chance of losing your dog if you fail to do so. Siberian husky dogs require ample of space for exercise and it needs people to socialize with. The dogs belonging to this breed are generally clean, they are known not to give a strong odor and hence require a bath occasionally.

Siberian husky dogs have a thick coat; the shedding process takes place twice a year when the seasons turn. These dogs actually eat less if compared to the dogs belonging to other breeds. They also have a great ability of adapting to the climate that they live in. These dogs are less prone to health problems that might be common to the breed. They might however experience eye-problems and hip dysplasia. Siberian dogs are known to live for ten to fifteen years, provided they get ample of exercise.
Taking care of the Siberian husky puppies is not such a big deal, these dogs require less maintenance. Educate yourself well on the needs, likes and dislikes of the Siberian husky dog. Give them ample of space and freedom; these dogs are extremely lovable and protective creatures. Siberian husky dogs should be brought from authorized breeders, these breeders give you a health guarantee, and they sometimes also take the puppies back if you cannot handle them. The Siberian huskies puppies might cost you anywhere from $ 800 to $1500. Give these dogs ample of love and encouragement and they will be your companion for a good 12 to 15 years.

  Submitted on May 31, 2010