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Flat Coated Retriever

Flat Coated Retriever Puppies - Information on Characteristics and Nature of Flat Coated Retriever Puppy

If you want a house dog to play with your children and be a faithful pet, you cannot get any dog better than a flat coated retriever.

The flat coated retriever puppies are amongst the most charming and beautiful puppies ever. Flat coated retriever puppies are the happiest puppies and their tails hardly ever stop wagging. These puppies are bred to be retrievers, and breeders purposefully add in personality traits that make it a hard working dog.

Flat coated retriever puppies had originally been bred to retrieve game birds and water fowl.

These dogs show a lot of determination and desire to retrieve in a hunting environment. This makes them ideal as hunting companions. They show the same kind of dedication to the activities in their daily lives as well, making them beloved family pets. These dogs are lean and lanky and slightly bonier than any other retriever breeds.

They take great delight in any play activities with their families and especially enjoy frolicking in water. They have all the desired qualities of a dog - high obedience, agility, playfulness and a gentle and patient temperament with children.

Characteristics and Nature of Flat Coated Retriever Puppy

Flat coated retriever puppies, as their name suggests, have a flat coat that is usually black or deep brown in color. The fur lies straight and is characteristically flat, thus giving them their breed name. The flat coated retriever puppy shares its ancestry with the Irish setter, Newfoundland, sheepdog and many other water dogs. Its ancestors have been cross bred several times to find the perfect dog that has all the positive qualities of all these breeds.

The earlier breeds of this retriever had a wavy coat and were thus known as the wavy coated retrievers. It was only eventually that the wavy coat was bred out completely, leaving a soft, straight and flat coat on the dog.

As a family dog, flat coated retriever puppies are happy, cheerful and very playful. They are extremely good humored and are also very optimistic. However, the dog does require a lot of exercise without which it may feel depressed. Since the dog is instinctually a working dog, it is important to give it the right amount of exercise every day.As a hunting companion, the flat coat retriever is very strong, cheerful and even elegant. These dogs have excellent balance and being bred as retrievers specifically, they are also extremely agile. They are hardworking in the hunting field and love an adventure.

  Submitted on February 3, 2012