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  •   Pet Health And Care >>  Dog Care >>  Dog Brucellosis Test  

    Dog Brucellosis Test - Information on the Test, Symptoms and Treatment For Brucellosis In Dogs

    Dogs are one of the most commonly housed domestic pets all over the world and, despite the fact that they are known to be very intelligent and independent animals, do require some amount of looking after, especially when it comes to making sure that they get their meals on time as well as ensuring that they are looked after in times when they are unwell.

    Because of the fact that dogs are known to be animals that prefer to suffer in silence, they are unlikely to make any significant movements in order to make their master aware of their state. Instead, dogs are more likely to simply suffer through the pain.

    As a result, it is usually extremely hard to judge whether the animal is unwell. Instead, the most common factor that allows the master to realize that the animal is unwell is the fact that the bond that develops will usually be so strong that the master will notice a change in the animals behavioral patterns on his or her own.

    One of the more common conditions that affect our canine friends is known as brucellosis.

    Brucellosis in dogs is a venereal disease that will usually develop in a kennel. The condition is known to affect both, males as well as females. One of the most significant aspects of the condition is the fact that it does not only cause the death of unborn litters, it is also known to be contagious to humans. One of the most common causes of the condition in dogs is sexual transmission.

    Dog Brucellosis Symptoms and Treatment

    The dog brucellosis test should be performed as soon as you notice some of the more common dog brucellosis symptoms develop such as an irregular fever, headache, weakness, profuse sweating and generalized aching. Because of the fact that the condition can have very far-reaching effects unless treated at an early stage as well as conclusively, it is important to make sure that you take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as you see the symptoms develop and have the vet perform a dog brucellosis test. Most dogs suffering from the condition are likely to be treated with the help of antibiotics in addition to a number of other medications to help treat the condition. Cases in which the condition has progressed substantially may require treatment that includes intramuscular injections as well as regular pills for a period of about 45 days.



      Submitted on November 23, 2011