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    Dog Intestinal Surgery - Information on Cost and Recovery of Dog Intestinal Surgery

    Dogs are curious animals and do not always think about what they are putting into their mouths.

    It is not rare to find a dog that has been chewing on things that are not its food. It is because of this behavior of dogs that many of them suffer from intestinal blockages. If your dog has an intestinal blockage, you may need a dog intestinal surgery. A dog intestinal surgery is usually performed when the dog has an intestinal blockage.

    Other causes of performing a dog intestinal surgery include loss of appetite, abnormal bowel movements, vomiting, and pain in the abdomen. A lot of stomach and intestinal conditions can be fatal in dogs. A dog intestinal surgery can therefore be a life-saving surgery for your pet.

    Gastric outflow blockage is a condition in which a dog is not able to void the contents of the stomach due to a blockage.

    This kind of obstruction may occur due to a natural cause or even due to a foreign object that may have moved into the intestines. In older dogs, such blockages may be caused due to tumors as well. Gastric tumors are the second most popular reason for performing a dog intestinal surgery. Stomach bloat is a condition in which the stomach of the dog distends and twists itself. This could require a surgery for correction.

    Dog Intestinal Surgery Cost

    Dog intestine surgery cost is a lot, no matter what the reason of the surgery may be. Since the surgery is very expensive, a lot of pet owners opt out of it. Another great disadvantage to intestinal surgery in dogs is the long recovery period. Once the dog has had an intestinal surgery, it may take several months for the dog to recover. During this time, the dog has to be attended to very closely as it will require help in eating, drinking, sitting, standing and excreting. There is also an increased risk of infection in the surgical wounds.

    Dog Intestinal Surgery Recovery

    Since dog intestinal surgery recovery takes a long time, after the surgery you may have to provide a lot of home care. The dog has to be monitored very closely and may have to be taken to the doctor periodically. It is also important to ensure that your dog does not lick on the surgical wounds as this could cause infection. Special attention will need to be paid to the food that your dog is eating. As the health improves, you can go back to the normal diet of the dog.
      Submitted on January 12, 2012