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  •   Pet Health And Care >>  Dog Care >>  Natural dog care  

    Natural Dog Care

    Natural dog care involves the use of natural dog remedies for the prevention and treatment of many illnesses and disease that can affect dogs.

    This includes ailments which can have an effect on the psychological and emotional state of the pet. Antibiotic medication, although effective in controlling symptoms, can adversely affect the immune system of the dog. Natural dog care allows for gentle healing of the animal without causing any of the harmful side effects that are usually associated with conventional medication.

    Holistic dog care involving the use of natural remedies is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners and many new products are becoming easily available.

    These can be used for treating common problems that affect dogs. Natural dog care is also not very costly and hence can be availed of by everyone. Many dog owners consider it to be a safer alternative to the medicines that are usually prescribed.

    Natural treatments are available for a host of dog related problems such as joint and muscle aches and skin and coat diseases. Tonics, made from natural ingredients that can be used for enhancing the energy of the dog are also available. Chronic diseases that tend to persist over long periods of time are found to be successfully treated through natural dog health care. Animals in the wild use naturally occurring herbs to heal themselves when they are ill or injured. Therefore, many see antibiotic medication as unnecessary and harmful in the long term.

    There are several reasons why pet owners adopt natural dog care such as natural dog food and natural remedies. Natural diets result in better nutrition of the pet as these foods do not contain any harmful chemicals and added preservatives. There is also a less possibility of developing illnesses such as allergies and digestive problems. Holistic remedies take into account the dog’s habitat as problems such as territorial conflicts and isolation lead to stress, which in turn can contribute to several diseases. Proper holistic care also involves regular exercise and good grooming. Natural dog care is known to increase the longevity of pets and contributes to a better quality of life. Natural remedies also allow for quicker healing and the ingredients are easily absorbed into the dog’s body. In addition, natural products help to keep veterinary bills low. Illnesses are also treated directly at the source, rather than merely controlling symptoms. Natural dog care also prevents recurrence of illnesses.

      Submitted on May 21, 2010