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Cat agility training

Training Agile Cat

Cat agility can be defined as a sport in which a cat that is eight months or older is lured or directed through an obstacle course by a handler.

Cat agility training involves teaching your cat how to make his/her way through an obstacle course as fast as possible. An agile cat can make his/her way through an obstacle course very fast and without any accidents. Cat agility training can contribute to your cat’s health and general well being.

Your cat will enjoy agility training as it is a form of ‘playing’ that he/she naturally enjoys. An agile cat is a happy, physically fit and confident cat as well. It may therefore be very beneficial for cat owners to invest some time in agility training for their pets.

Cat agility training also prepares your cat to participate in cat agility contests where his/her physical abilities can be showcased for an audience. However, it is important for you to assess whether or not your cat is suited to agility training. Some cats have a naturally shy personality and may enjoy playing at home but may not respond well to an agility training regiment and participating in contests. You should therefore assess your pet’s personality before beginning agility training. There are several simple ways to assess whether or not your cat is suited for agility training. For instance, you should observe how your cat behaves when you have company at home. If he/she enjoys meeting new people, is interactive and gets attention in turn from your guests, then agility training may be very productive for him/her. Cats are well-motivated by praise and rewards. Praising and encouraging your cat is an important part of preparing him/her for agility training. While playing with your cat at home, ensure that you provide adequate praise when he/she responds well to direction is alert to commands and is able to follow your lead. Rewarding your cat for good behavior will ensure that he/she is well motivated, alert and responsive during agility training.

In addition, it is important to pay close attention to your cat’s physique before beginning agility training. Your cat should have the physical stamina to withstand an agility training routine. An agile cat is physically fit and active and you should ensure that you get him/her examined by your veterinarian regularly. Your veterinarian will help you assess your cat’s health and you can plan his/her agility training accordingly. 

  Submitted on March 15, 2010