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Cat obedience training

Cat Obedience Training

Cat obedience training is important for any pet that you get.

Obedience training teaches your pet cat what is the right way to behave in the house and what is not acceptable. If the cat has any behavior problems, then obedience training will rectify those. Cat training should include teaching your cat to allow a harness as well as a leash while walking, staying off the bed and other furniture, scratching only their toys and posts and not any household items, and not to cry out for attention.

They also need to be taught to mix around with other people and pets, and keeping away from garbage cans.

Obedience training for cats is important if you want your cat to be well behaved and don’t want your belongings to be destroyed. Do remember that unlike dogs, cats are very independent creatures and training them will require more patience. However, if you use positive reinforcements, then training them will be easier.

Don’t hit them if they do something wrong because this will make them fear you. So, just give your pets a small treat, generally a piece of favorite food, if they do something right. Also, praise them a lot when they get something right.

Don’t keep the training session for more than ten to fifteen minutes at a time, and always follow it up with play time. If you do not have time to train your cat or aren’t able to accomplish the desired results, then try enrolling them in a training class or get a trainer who will do the obedience training. You should also read up the several books on the subject and surf the net for tips you can use.

More tips of cat obedience training:

If your cat tends to be aggressive, then look for signs of illness or fear as these are the major reasons why cats lash out. Maybe they need some more distance to become calmer. Obedience training also depends upon how you behave with your pet. If the cats nips or bites you, then instead of getting away, thrust your finger towards its mouth and say ‘ouch’ loudly. Getting away will just make you look like a prey to them.

Conditioning is also very important for your cat. You may want to use a metal or a plastic clicker – this technique is known as clicker training, to encourage your pet to obey your commands. To get your pet to associate food treats with the clicker, give it a treat and make a clicking sound. When the cat begins to respond to this method, then begin your clicker training.

  Submitted on June 10, 2010