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Cat biting training

Train Cat not to Bite

Cat training is part and parcel of pet ownership.

Cats cannot be trained like the way dogs are taught to sit, heel and stay. The idea of cats biting humans may seem a little absurd and alarmist, since we mostly hear of dog bites. But cats can bite too, it’s just that they bite only when excessively aggravated or scared, and if cornered when experiencing such emotions.

For example your cat would very likely attempt to bite you while you are restraining it to groom the fur, if it does not like being groomed. Similarly, a cat is very likely to bite or lash out in terror when being given a bath. The best way to avoid being bitten would therefore be to calm your cat in the face of any fear.

There is only a limited effect that any training would have in such situations, as cats are very instinctive and getting an animal to deny instincts that have been intrinsic to its survival making sure it is a well behaved cat. Cats are also known to bite or lash out when harassed excessively by kids. To avoid such situations it would be best to discipline your kids and sensitize them to the feelings of others. Cat training to avoid biting is most effective for situations where cats bite playfully or in excitement whilst playing, or when demanding something –attention or food.  

An easy way to training cat not to bite is by first being playful and checking if the cat really bites the person. If the kitten or the cat actually bites the person, the owner or the trainer should gently tap the cat on the top of its nose while saying ‘no bite’. The owner should then immediately stop playing with the cat. This is a fairly easy cat training biting method. The next step is to then repeat these actions through the course of the day. Start playing with the cat, if it bites the owner then immediately stop and repeat the earlier action of tapping its nose and take away all attention from the cat. Very soon the cat will start to understand and associate the different actions and words and bad behavior pattern. The owner can even reinforce good behavior by giving the cat a treat. So if a play session ends without any biting then treat the cat else if it bites then no treat should be given.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010